Transport User Voice – November 2022 – Chief executive’s editorial

26 October 2022

Reliability rules

Over the next few months we are going to be focusing on these three main areas, all under the umbrella of making transport more sustainable.

Firstly, we’re keeping up momentum on the Bus Service Improvement Plans and Enhanced Partnerships plans by talking to local transport authorities and operators. These plans (and the money that will hopefully accompany some of them), forged between local authorities and bus companies outside London, have, in time, the potential to make bus a better, more reliable, choice. We’re there to make sure passengers are being kept at the heart

Secondly, keep up the investment in maintaining and improving the current Strategic Road Network. Our insight into users’ priorities for the next investment period has some clear messages. Keep road surfaces and the areas around the roads in good condition and keep journeys reliable.

Thirdly, press ahead with plans to reform the structure, spending and operation of the rail industry. Again, in time, this should lead to a more efficient and reliable railway. In the meantime, press on with plans to improve the current way that fares and ticketing are set up. Plans to extend pay as you go across the south east along with similar schemes in other major cities, have the potential to really improve the passenger experience and bring more people onto rail.

So, lots to talk about but we will, as ever come forward with prioritised lists of future improvements and focus on everyday performance. All our insight points to one fact: the key things all transport users want to see is more reliable services.

Meanwhile Avanti and TransPennine rail passengers continue to suffer poor performance, partial release of Advance ticket sales and poor information. We will, through our weekly surveys and other insight, find out what passengers are experiencing and use that information to drive change. Avanti has been granted a six-month contract extension based around its recovery plan – so all eyes on that.


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