Transport User Voice – October 2019 – Safety is key, say cyclists, pedestrians and equestrians

30 September 2019

Survey measures users’ satisfaction

Safety is a major part of how satisfied cyclists, pedestrians and equestrians feel when they are using or crossing motorways and major ‘A’ roads.

In this second survey into cyclists, pedestrians and equestrians experience of motorways and major ‘A’ roads Transport Focus heard from over 1200 people in the West Midlands, and Berkshire and Hampshire. We wanted to understand the issues and barriers that these users face when travelling along or crossing strategic roads. This follows on from last year’s research which took place in in the North West and East Midlands.

The findings of the research shows that these road users use motorways and major ‘A’ roads only when there is no choice. Also, high satisfaction figures mask low expectations as they understand the road is designed with motorists in mind, rather than them.

Despite relatively high feelings of satisfaction amongst users, it is clear provisions for their safety could be improved. Unsurprisingly when users feel safe when making a journey they are more likely to say they are satisfied.

To feel safer, cyclists and pedestrians would like improved lighting, lower speed limits and improved signage for drivers to warn them of other road users. Similarly, equestrians would like better enforcement of speed limits as well as improved driver education on how to pass a horse safely.

All road users should be able to feel safe when making journeys. Transport Focus will use the findings from this research to help Highways England improve these for cyclists, pedestrians and equestrians.

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