Transport User Voice – October 2020 – Logistics and coach companies

29 September 2020

How England’s major roads stack up for businesses

How do logistics and coach companies rate the roads they drive on? Our latest research showed only two fifth of these businesses were satisfied with how the roads meet their needs.

The Logistics and Coach Survey: Strategic Roads asked heavy goods vehicle managers from 526 logistics and coach businesses how satisfied they were.

Almost one in three coach businesses were satisfied with road performance, compared to just over two in five logistics businesses. Three in ten companies overall were dissatisfied.

The rating was based on five key areas: planning information, clear up after accidents, roadside rest facilities, roadworks and the quality of the road surface.

Clear up after accidents and roadside rest stops were the lowest rated areas for logistics businesses. Consideration of drivers’ working hours when clearing up after accidents and the security and value for money of rest facilities were key causes of dissatisfaction.

The availability of live travel information came out on top, particularly relating to the level of congestion on roads. Road safety also performed well across both sectors, with 65 per cent overall rating it as good.

The Logistics and Coach Survey: Strategic Roads will be one of the official measures used by the Office of Rail and Road to monitor Highways England’s performance in the second Road Period 2020-2025.

You can read the full report here.


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