Transport User Voice – September 2020 – On the blog

27 August 2020

Round-up of the month

This month Anthony was blogging about the importance of motorway services, how to help those fearful of using public transport again and the latest on our Sort My Sign campaign.

As many took to the roads heading for staycations this summer, we wanted to make sure motorway service operators were doing all they could to communicate safety measures on their websites.

Anthony said: “Operators have worked hard putting measures in place to make visitors feel safe, but it’s important that these are communicated. In our final assessment all operators received a full set of green ticks.” Read more.

 After week 14 of our Travel during Covid-19 survey showed those who used public transport felt safe, we wanted to explore the subject further. It seemed, for many, the perceived risk of using transport outweighed reality which means getting people back on public transport is ever more important

Anthony said: “It is clear that public transport operators will have to work hard at changing perceptions. And it still seems as if the best way of doing this is to tempt people back and let them see for themselves.” Read more.

We launched our Sort My Sign campaign earlier this year to highlight the problems with broken or unclear signs and we got users involved to help report them. As a result, Highways England has now launched an internal ‘Fix Now’ initiative to help locate these jobs.

Anthony said: “Providing a well-maintained road is about more than whether it is all technically safe: the user experience matters, too. Clearly, some defects will require more urgent action than others, but all the problems need to be addressed in a reasonable timeframe.” Read more.


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