Transport User Voice – September 2021 – Streets for all?

27 August 2021

Road space allocation research

How can changes to shared road space be made fairly to encourage public transport use, cycling, and walking?

Transport Focus has carried out research into the consumer issues that should underpin decisions on how road space is allocated between pedestrians, bicycles, buses, cars, and vans/trucks.

The promotion of walking and cycling along with Covid-19 social distancing conditions has resulted in some big changes to our roads and how road space is shared between those who use it.

We wanted to find out how these changes affect road users by speaking to some key organisations representing them.

Schemes such as Low Traffic Neighbourhoods have been particularly prominent in London, so we spoke to our sister organisation, London TravelWatch, to understand the effects they have had upon the city’s roads.

Our research identified nine clear principles that should guide the way in which highway authorities make any future changes or planning regarding road space. Implementation of road allocation must be made carefully, ensuring road users understand why it has been made and how it affects them.

Ultimately, these schemes need time to settle in before a proper review can be made, and any further changes can be guided by the nine principles we have identified. Only then will we see whether the road network meets the needs of people and businesses sufficiently.

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