Transport User Voice – September 2022 – Late Railcard and a full train

25 August 2022

How we’ve helped passengers

Refund for a late Railcard

Mr L had purchased a Railcard but did not receive it after a month. He requested from Railcard a partial refund for the full price train ticket he purchased because he could not apply the Railcard discount. When he did not receive a response he came to Transport Focus.

We appealed for lack of response and requested a refund for the difference in ticket costs. Railcard responded, agreed the service could have been better and agreed to provide a refund or a £10 rail voucher. The passenger accepted the voucher and also now has his Railcard.

Mr L said: “Thank you for dealing with the case on my behalf. I am pleased with the outcome.”

Cancellation causing a full train

Mrs G and family wanted to travel from Victoria to Brighton and so purchased tickets through Trainline. However, on the day of travel once they got through the ticket barrier they found the train was so busy they couldn’t actually get on board.

They contacted both Southern and Trainline but neither would offer a refund. Mrs G came to us and we contacted Southern who confirmed that the previous train had been cancelled which is why the next train had been so full. Once we had this information we were able to provide Trainline with the evidence that due to the cancellation the passengers would have been unlikely to be able to board and travel. Trainline then agreed to offer a full refund.


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