Travel during Covid-19 survey – week 10

10 July 2020

How are people feeling about travelling by road and public transport?

In week 10 of our Travel during Covid-19 survey people indicated that they still have serious concerns about using public transport.

This week’s key findings:

Making journeys

  • There is still limited use of public transport, but the data does show a marginal increase in public transport across all modes in the seven days up to last weekend.
  • The proportion of those making journeys by road is static, and for the first time across several weeks we have seen reported volumes of traffic fail to increase.
  • Shopping for essential items or groceries remains the most common reason for making journeys. 15 per cent have made a journey for leisure reasons which includes activities such as eating out and visiting attractions.

Attitudes to travel

  • Three in 10 of those who have not used public transport in the last seven days say that they didn’t because they are not happy to do so at the moment. Those who were previously using public transport regularly are more likely than others to say this.
  • Two thirds say that they will feel safer using public transport with passengers wearing face coverings.
  • One in five say that they will make more journeys as places (such as museums, cinemas, pubs and hairdressers) open up. Twice as many disagree strongly.
  • A half say that as long as passengers are wearing face coverings on public transport reducing social distancing from two metres makes sense. Three in ten disagree.

We will revisit these questions again for week 11 and will report on the findings next week.

All of the Travel during Covid-19 survey results are available on our data hub.

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