Trial of single leg ticketing on selected rail routes

29 August 2019

Speaking about the Department for Transport announcement that LNER will begin trials in January 2020 of a new fare system,  Anthony Smith, Chief Executive of independent watchdog Transport Focus said today:

“Transport Focus has long argued that passengers want a simpler, modern fares system which matches the way people now travel.

“A proper trial of single leg ticketing on selected routes is long overdue and will be widely welcomed.

“This trial represents a significant step towards the development of rail fares that are simple to understand, easy to use and could save passengers money. LNER passengers using routes involved in this trial will be better able to mix and match tickets to suit their needs and preferences.”



Notes for editors

Transport Focus’s extensive passenger research showed as long ago as 2012 that the case for changing Britain’s outdated and outmoded rail fares and ticketing system is overwhelming and that radical improvements would be required.

In 2018 Transport Focus joined with the rail industry in launching the ‘Easier Fares’ consultation – biggest ever exercise of its kind ever completed by the sector which confirmed an overwhelming desire amongst passengers for change. More than eight out of 10 want the fares system overhauled; nine out of 10 want smart or electronic tickets across the whole network and eight out of 10 want fares that encourage travel during quiet periods in otherwise empty seats.

In February 2019 the rail industry published Easier Fares for All, a raft of proposals designed to overhaul the country’s confusing and outdated fares system.

Transport Focus says it is vital that any changes to the fares system are tested through pilot projects, to map and evaluate the impacts, provide reassurance and allow passengers to better understand the impact of any tested change. This careful approach is essential to build up trust and confidence in any new structure.



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