Watchdog welcomes transport decarbonisation plan

14 July 2021

Today the Government publishes its plan to decarbonise transport by 2050.

Anthony Smith, chief executive of the independent watchdog Transport Focus, said:

“People make choices based on cost and convenience. Offering people more and better options for sustainable travel is welcome when matched by the quality of the experience. However, it will be vital to really understand how and why people choose to travel and how they can do so sustainably. Behaviour change is difficult and will require long-term planning and commitment. We continue to support efforts to put people at the heart of policy and planning – next up is our work on transport users’ views on sustainability, and on sharing road space to encourage active travel.”


Notes to editors: In addition to all its work improving the public transport and road user experience Transport Focus’s new insight on consumers, sustainability and transport will be published this summer. Also, we will soon publish work on shared road space – a key factor in promoting more active travel. New work benchmarking the experience of electric vehicle re-charging on the Strategic Road Network is also in the pipeline.

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