West Coast franchise: a statement from the Chief Executive

28 March 2013

Anthony Smith, Passenger Focus chief executive, said:

“Change breeds uncertainty. In the short term passengers will want to see as little disruption and unnecessary expense as possible – especially as people will soon be wanting to book tickets for the Christmas period.

“To many passengers, the simplest solution would seem to be to keep Virgin in place until the longer-term franchise situation is sorted out. We are pleased to see that the Minister has today announced he is working with Virgin to get something in place for the immediate short term.

“However, this three-stage process to replace the franchise is going to be long and complicated – we expect DfT and operators to make sure that passengers are kept fully informed about what to expect, both in the immediate day-to-day running of the line, and longer term plans. Passengers will want to see at least some of the improvements that were promised, delivered.”


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