Bus Passenger Survey – full report – March 2013

18 March 2013

We ask passengers to rate all aspects of their bus journey covering key factors such as planning the journey, the facilities and information provided at the bus stop, fares, the helpfulness of the driver and their driving standards, aspects of the actual journey itself and the cleanliness and condition of the bus.

This year we show the drivers of satisfaction and dissatisfaction (fare-payers only) in each area surveyed. The factors driving satisfaction are broad, but often relate to the bus driver, in particular ‘smoothness/freedom from jolting’. The most prevalent drivers of dissatisfaction are ‘on-bus journey time’, ‘safety of the driving’, ‘smoothness/ freedom from jolting’, and ‘length of time waited’. We hope this information will help the industry direct where it places its efforts.

Using the survey data, allied to our range of other bus passenger research, we continue to:

  • influence bus companies and transport authorities to work better together to provide a service that best meets passenger needs
  • encourage bus operators and transport authorities to plan future activities that reflect passengers’ priorities
  • convince bus operators to commit to constantly reviewing and improving the service they provide to their passengers
  • provide evidence showing how local and national investment in better bus infrastructure and services is appreciated and recognised by passengers.


* * * * * *

The March 2013 Bus Passenger Survey report and accompanying presentation documents have been updated. These documents previously contained symbols to indicate whether year-on-year changes were statistically significant. However, it came to our attention that the calculations used by our supplier to generate this guidance were not to the precision we required.

Please note, none of the percentages contained in any of the documents were wrong or have been changed.  We have taken the decision to remove the symbols as this is a technical subject that is better discussed on a one-to-one basis where required.

If you have any questions on this issue, or would like access to the significance testing which we have recalculated with improved precision, please contact Murray Leader on 0300 123 0843.

PF BPS Mar13 (Dec13v2) WEB.PDF
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