M6 disruption – Transport Focus correspondence

20 May 2016

On 4 February 2016 a fatal accident closed the M6 motorway for almost 24 hours causing significant disruption for road users.

Transport Focus has concerns about Highways England’s response to this incident. Specifically, that while the police investigation was ongoing and efforts were made to repair and reopen the road, it appears that relatively little consideration was given to the plight of road users caught up in the queue – some for up to seven hours.

One of Transport Focus’s priorities for this year is to help bring about improvements in the way disruption is managed (whether caused by incidents or roadworks), including information and communication. The response to this incident raises questions, not just about this specific event, but about how Highways England manages the disruption caused by unplanned incidents across its network.

We wrote to Jim O’Sullivan, Highways England’s Chief Executive, and you can view/download our letter below.  We will publish its reply as soon as possible.

M6 disruption - Letter to Highways England from Transport Focus - March 2016
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