Passenger Focus response to ORR consultation on transparency

08 October 2012

As transparency is playing an increasingly important role in the delivery of government objectives for public services to be more accountable and responsive to their users, and be stimulated to improve their performance, the Office of Rail Regulation has been consulting stakeholders on its vision of transparency for the rail industry. 

The consultation covers what they are doing to make their own processes more transparent, how they collaborate with the industry and what the industry does itself/should be doing, now and in the future. 

Passenger Focus’s response describes how there is a growing appetite amongst passengers for improved availability and disaggregation of information that reflects their actual journey experience, and how that information needs to be presented in a clear and simple format. Our reply also highlights some existing frustrations amongst passengers connected to the fares and ticketing system.

Passenger Focus response to ORR transparency consultation Oct 2012.doc
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