Presenting ‘right-time’ performance information to rail passengers

31 May 2013

New research will help ensure that passengers get information on train punctuality as they want to see it.

Passenger Focus, the independent passenger watchdog, worked with the Office of Rail Regulation and National Rail Enquiries to ask passengers how they wanted to access ‘on-time’ information and how they could see it being used. We also spoke to independent smartphone app developers about how that could be achieved.

On-time, referred to by industry and in the report as ‘right-time,’ data tells us how many minutes a train is late by as opposed to the Public Performance Measure (PPM)*, the percentage of trains that have arrived within five or 10 minutes of schedule.

* PPM was introduced as the official statistic used by the Government and rail regulator in June 2000.

Right-time FINAL.pdf
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