The Rail Value for Money Study. A Passenger Perspective: Comments by Passenger Focus

10 July 2011

Passenger Focus believes it is essential that the ‘post-McNulty’ debate does not get lost in a narrow assessment of cost. Efficiency and cost are important – they clearly have a direct impact on the range of service offered to passengers and the fares charged – but cost savings must also be set alongside the value of rail to the economy and the country as a whole. Rail enables people to get to work, especially in London, acts as a catalyst of economic activity, and, just as importantly, is an environmentally friendly mode of travel. Demand for rail has soared in the last 15 years – with passenger numbers now being at levels last seen during the 1920s. If this growth is to be sustained then it will be essential that the benefits of rail are taken into account in any debate as well as the cost of provision.

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