Transport Focus

Last week saw a really successful bus punctuality seminar in Leeds. The traffic commissioner for the north east of England, Kevin Rooney, spoke at the first of our six seminars. He balanced a serious message with dry humour. About 60 bus industry people attended and there was a nice mix of the top figures, as […]

Many venture their opinions about how the UK’s roads compare to our Continental neighbours. The European Commission carry out large-scale surveys about all sorts of things, including attitudes to rail and bus services, which are a helpful indicator. While these are household surveys, so you cannot check if the person replying has actually used the […]

Big win for passengers

As I wrote in my blog a few weeks ago Transport Focus has been pushing for some time for delayed passengers to be able to claim cash instead of vouchers. So this weekend it was great news to hear the rail industry say that this will be changed this summer. While the details are yet […]

It’s not glamorous. It’s not newsworthy. It’s just hard work and attention to detail. We know from our research that punctuality really matters to bus passengers: What’s the holdup? Exploring bus service punctuality Detailed work by bus companies, local authorities and passenger representatives is needed to grind through the detail to make a difference. However, […]

Restriction advised

I recently bought my Manchester to Sheffield train ticket at Manchester Piccadilly station. We were travelling on the 09.20 off-peak train, but bought the ticket during the peak at about 08.15. The very courteous lady who served me explained the ticket restrictions and she said that she had to stamp my ticket to show this had […]

As our research shows, and as we all know, staff can make or break a journey. Particulary true on bus services where the driver is often the only public face of the company. So it’s great to see a driver employing humour and initiative when faced with failed kit: ‘Shout ding ding’ advises bus service […]

Knowing when the bus is coming, or at least having a vague idea, is a pretty obvious passenger requirement. We have carried out research on what passengers are looking for. So, an interesting experience in Kent and East Sussex recently with normally pretty good Stagecoach services. We wanted to get from Rye railway station to […]

The bus industry can sometimes seem so much more passenger focused than the railways. Here is a good example. The re-building of Reading Bridge prompted Reading Buses to do the following! ‘Contingency plans, including the introduction of a special fare, are being put in place by Reading Buses for the duration of works to Reading […]

Following the collective sigh of relief that followed the suspension of the planned rail strike and work to rule, it is a good time to consider any lessons learned. The effects of the strike were clearly going to be widespread. The combination of a 24-hour strike and a work to rule would have made running […]

When looking at transport in and around Sheffield I jumped on the Stagecoach-run 120 from Royal Hallamshire Hospital to Sheffield Interchange. Again, good first impressions. Clean, modern hybrid buses every few minutes. I realised, just as a First-run 120 pulled in and off again as we waited, that there is more than one operator on […]