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Following the collective sigh of relief that followed the suspension of the planned rail strike and work to rule, it is a good time to consider any lessons learned. The effects of the strike were clearly going to be widespread. The combination of a 24-hour strike and a work to rule would have made running […]

When looking at transport in and around Sheffield I jumped on the Stagecoach-run 120 from Royal Hallamshire Hospital to Sheffield Interchange. Again, good first impressions. Clean, modern hybrid buses every few minutes. I realised, just as a First-run 120 pulled in and off again as we waited, that there is more than one operator on […]

We have lobbied for some time for rail compensation to be paid in cash and not vouchers – with some success. An acquaintance’s recent story underlines how annoying this can be. Having been delayed on Virgin Trains my contact was swiftly refunded her full £105 in three £35 vouchers. These vouchers cannot be used online, […]

Looking at transport in and around Sheffield. Took the First Bus run number 22 from Commercial Street to Nether edge. It was on time, which was a good start. A modern bus turned up which was clean inside and out, had Wi-Fi, comfy seats and a good welcome from the driver. For a mid-morning service […]

A colleague noted this advertising campaign raised eyebrows on Twitter recently. It’s not true to say all publicity is good publicity, and this is a pretty poor effort by the bus company. Advertising like this went out of style in the 70s when people caught on that objectifying and demeaning half your potential customer base isn’t […]

When the new Government is taking future transport decisions there are some clear priorities emerging from Transport Focus’s research which could help guide them. Long-term, sustained investment is the key to successful transport services. The five-year Road Investment Strategy is a big step in the right direction for the users of the Strategic Road Network […]

Value for money on the way to Birmingham. It’s interesting looking at London Midland’s fares to and from Birmingham and London Euston. An Off-peak return – a flexible useful ticket which you can use out of Birmingham on the 07.54 and can be used until the early evening to come back is priced at £29.  Yes, […]


First ride ever on the Sheffield Supertram. Took the blue line out from Fitzalan Square to Birley Lane and back. Friday mid-morning, so I admit it probably isn’t the typical journey, but good impressions. Quick, clean and a conductor thrown in! The three-coach tram seemed spacious with easy access. I had not realised how extensive […]

The Senior Traffic Commissioner (STC) has just published her revised, statutory, guidance on bus punctuality – important stuff as this is what compliance is measured against. It is important this reflects passenger expectations – we did research that informed the whole consultation process. This research broadly backed up the up to five minutes late and one […]

We have changed how we ask rail passengers with disabilities to describe themselves. The new National Rail Passenger Survey questionnaires now in use helps define long and short-term impairment and has a better definition of the impairment. This leads to more granularity and more usefulness – lots of good feedback already from disability groups. Have […]