Transport Focus

“Reduce journey time. 30 minutes is tiring.” “Less heavy use of brakes by the driver…” “Would like a bit more leg room behind the seats…” These are just a few of the thousands of comments we have gathered during the latest Bus Passenger Survey. We know that when bus companies and local authorities act on […]

The acid test

Last December I posted a series of blogs about the early problems at London Bridge with the words: ‘The big test of the Xmas works and beyond now looms’. Little did I or anyone know that the problems that I and others had encountered on the weekends at London Bridge would be multiplied massively. I […]

Interesting articles in the press earlier in the week about Patrick McLoughlin’s comments on phasing out paper tickets by 2020. A great ambition, but given how long Oyster has been around in London already and the difficulties and time taken in getting changes made to paper tickets to make them clearer and easier to use, […]

Given how much time we all spend commuting it has always struck me as a very under-researched activity. We do some work on how people spend their time during their commute, but little seems to have been done on behaviour. This is in stark contrast to other industries where consumer habits are studied in minute […]

I blogged sometime ago about the CallConnect service. Rising passenger numbers using this bus service is welcome news. The rural bus service saw passenger figures rise to more than 322,000 in 2014, the biggest annual total since the service launched nearly 15 years ago. It represents a five per cent growth in passenger numbers compared […]

Results from the next Tram Passenger Survey are in. We asked passengers using the systems in Manchester, Sheffield, Nottingham, Birmingham/Wolverhampton, Blackpool and Edinburgh what they think. Also this means we can do regional comparisons between the modes of transport – tram came out well last time, bus second with rail trailing. Launch date for the […]

Over 47,000 bus passengers from around England (outside of London) have had their say in the latest wave of the Bus Passenger Survey. We are publishing the results on March 12 in Manchester – if you would like to come please contact Miriam Cummings by email or call 0300 123 2165. In the meantime […]

Speaking today at the Smarter Travel conference in Birmingham. Interesting speaking format – twenty slides that automatically change in the course of five minutes – so interesting to see how it goes. Therefore, everything you need to know about passenger’s information and ticketing can be seen by clicking here! Also, any Smart ticketing scheme will […]

Take an early start after a sleepless night with sick children and what do you get? A lost suitcase. Jane, my wife, recently left hers on a Virgin train on the way to Manchester. Jane only realised about an hour after she arrived. Looked grim. Phone call to Virgin started a train of very helpful, […]