Transport Focus

The Senior Traffic Commissioner (STC) has just published her revised, statutory, guidance on bus punctuality – important stuff as this is what compliance is measured against. It is important this reflects passenger expectations – we did research that informed the whole consultation process. This research broadly backed up the up to five minutes late and one […]

We have changed how we ask rail passengers with disabilities to describe themselves. The new National Rail Passenger Survey questionnaires now in use helps define long and short-term impairment and has a better definition of the impairment. This leads to more granularity and more usefulness – lots of good feedback already from disability groups. Have […]

We probably mostly think we are pretty good – it’s others who are the problem potentially? Our first, scoping, piece of work among road users on England’s Strategic Road Network showed that the commuter, business, leisure categories we use to report public transport work might need to be refined. Drivers felt that they were either: […]

Good to see smart ticketing schemes really getting off the ground outside London – with more promised. We can now start to look at the effect of some real schemes rather than looking at potential future options. Norfolk was chosen as the location for a Department for Transport (DfT) pilot where smart ticketing equipment and […]

“We buy tickets so we are investing in the service…. [we] should be seen as shareholders not users.” Passengers feel very strongly about their train services – after all many of them rely on it ten times a week – a very intense experience. No one goes to Tesco’s ten times a week! While the […]

The great Easter getaway

Wheelie bags everywhere, tourists abound and piles of Metro newspapers left untouched in Tube stations – the great Easter getaway is well underway. All eyes on the rail industry – the before bit about getting information out seems to have gone well. During? Let’s see if the promised staff appear and on-going information is good. […]

Transport Focus is live!

Our name has changed but our passenger work continues alongside our growing work representing the users of the motorways and major A roads (the ‘Strategic Road Network’) in England. Take a look at our workplan for next year. We are building a road user team which will be headed up by Guy Dangerfield. Guy has […]

“Reduce journey time. 30 minutes is tiring.” “Less heavy use of brakes by the driver…” “Would like a bit more leg room behind the seats…” These are just a few of the thousands of comments we have gathered during the latest Bus Passenger Survey. We know that when bus companies and local authorities act on […]

The acid test

Last December I posted a series of blogs about the early problems at London Bridge with the words: ‘The big test of the Xmas works and beyond now looms’. Little did I or anyone know that the problems that I and others had encountered on the weekends at London Bridge would be multiplied massively. I […]

Interesting articles in the press earlier in the week about Patrick McLoughlin’s comments on phasing out paper tickets by 2020. A great ambition, but given how long Oyster has been around in London already and the difficulties and time taken in getting changes made to paper tickets to make them clearer and easier to use, […]