Transport Focus

Gainsborough is a town of some 20,000 people in Lincolnshire. Only 13 or so miles from the A1, road travel from the west is constrained by the only bridge across the Trent – built in 1790. Traditional industries such as Marshall’s, founded in 1848 to manufacture agricultural machinery and builders in WWII of midget submarines, […]

Getting more buses on time

We have just finished our round of bus punctuality seminars: North east – Leeds 16 June West of England – Bristol 18 June North west - Liverpool 29 June West Midlands – Birmingham 1 July South east – London 9 July East of England- Cambridge 23 July We were aiming to help the bus industry, transport […]

First ever time on the sleeper train down to Cornwall from Paddington. As the station gradually quietens down at night, and the last few trains leave, over on platform one the sleeper train is pulled into place. The British Rail-era coaches are solid and refurbished, but will soon be rebuilt one by one. You can […]

With cuts to budgets making local authorities reconsider their spending, some areas are moving away from subsidising conventional bus services and are instead investing in dial-a-ride services, otherwise known as demand responsive transport (DRT). One example is the CallConnect service, which is run on behalf of Lincolnshire County Council. CallConnect is a bus service whose […]

Operation Stack: Plan B?

Planning a trip down the M20? Anyone with Continental road travel plans or who lives in Kent will know all about Operation Stack, where lorries waiting for crossings have to park on a closed section of the motorway. Images of backed-up lorries queueing for miles, hours and days and stories of local people taking two […]

Here at Transport Focus we’ve been talking about wind, rain, snow and storms at the height of summer – what a pessimistic bunch, you might think. Think again… Whenever extreme weather affects train services, questions are asked about whether Britain’s railways are sufficiently well prepared. We’re keen to understand passengers’ expectations of what the railway […]

From Frome in Somerset to Worthing people are getting restive about changes to bus services. This weekend saw a protest in Frome. It’s part of the campaign by the Frome and Villages Bus Users’ Group, to save the 161, 184, 267 and 424 buses. Further details including petition and poll of priorities for improvement here. […]

Northern Electrics

In the midst of all the understandable frustration about the delay in electrifying more routes in the North it is easy to forget some routes have been already been completed and have electric trains running. A colleague reports on his first experience of refurbished trains on Northern Rail: “My first trip yesterday on the 12.15 […]

We are building our capacity and capability to represent users of the English Strategic Road Network – the motorways and major A roads in other words. Myself and our road user director went out last week to see overnight re-surfacing work on the M42 south of Birmingham. Highways England and Kier (its contractors) showed us […]