A303 Stonehenge consultation: time to have your say

23 March 2018

The clear view of Stonehenge as drivers crawl past on the A303 in Wiltshire makes this one of the most memorable stretches of the whole Strategic Road Network. Plans to address this overloaded route passing right through an immensely sensitive landscape continue to attract an exceptional amount of media attention. It seems that just about every expert and interest group has expressed an opinion at some point on what needs to be done; what we’ve not heard much from is users of the road themselves.

Highways England is now in the middle of the public consultation on how the preferred route, with tunnel, should be configured in detail. As part of the legal process of obtaining the Development Consent Order needed to proceed, Highways England is required to consult with ‘the local community and other stakeholders’.

Transport Focus wants to ensure that users of this vital link to the South West are at the forefront of this. We will be submitting our own short response to the ten questions, based on evidence we have built up on user priorities. We urge all those who will be affected, whether as organisations or individual users of the A303, to read the short consultation document and feed in their thoughts too, by 23 April.

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