Boulevards and avenues

23 February 2012

Milton Keynes.  A car town? Maybe, but could be a bus town too. We did some work with Arriva last year on non-bus use in Milton Keynes. We found non users were deterred by perceptions that buses simply doesn’t go where and when they needed to go. Plus, they were probably too expensive, no idea where to start to find information, worries about personal security and even trouble finding bus stops! The report led to Arriva and Milton Keynes Council setting up a public transport information shop in the main Mall.
Interesting to actually go there two years later and use the buses.  Lots of them, information seems good, wide variety in terms of age and quality of buses and real-time information seemed good. However, the station forecourt rebuild is interesting. While it will result in much better access for all at the moment, the buses are banished 25 metres away while cars and taxis are much closer….  But there are cars everywhere.  I can see Milton Keynes could be good for cycling too, but decent buses on their own aren’t enough as it seems that the car still rules…

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