Bright spots of the British transport system number 3467 – the East London Line

25 January 2011

Finally tried out the revamped East London Line – it really is very, very good. The trains themselves, with their tube style seating, long views right down the train, bright uncluttered interiors and clear information would seem to set a new standard for urban trains. Having just got off a badly refurbished Southern metro train the contrast could not be stronger. The ride is smooth and jolt free – the new bits of track seem to have been built to a very high standard. The older stations have been brilliantly restored – old buildings but with modern utility. And the new stations? Fantastic – had a good look round Shoreditch High Street – clearly positioned as a hub for yet more development. The only criticism I can make is that the busy interchange with the Jubilee Line at Canada Water only had one down escalator – this must get very busy in the rush hour. Finally up to Dalston Junction and you can really see the point of all this. Not a rich area it now finally has a decent rail connection to job and other opportunities. It will be very interesting to see what passengers make of this in the forthcoming National Passenger Survey.

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