Bus Passenger Survey in action driving change

25 March 2019

A great example of feedback making real improvements for passengers came across my desk last week from Reading Buses. Reading uses Transport Focus’s Bus Passenger Survey to tell employees how passengers see its performance. Nothing like independent, representative, benchmarked, actionable feedback from actual passengers about the journey they have just completed – rich data indeed!


The Bus Passenger Survey has become the recognised measure of passenger satisfaction for bus operators and an influential, useful tool for benchmarking and comparing the views of passengers. They help to pinpoint and drive improvements for passengers including new fare deals and enhanced customer service training for drivers. In some areas local and management teams are now directly assessed against the results.

Even better all this information is now much more readily accessible, searchable and usable on Transport Focus’s data hub. You can quiz the data to compare operators, areas, modes, countries and different aspects of services.

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