Changing bus timetables – approach with caution

01 November 2012

A change in a bus service (or a train service for that matter) causes uncertainty for us passengers. We like boring, predictable, hassle free journeys where you do not have to think. So changing (or worse taking something away) should be done with great caution.

The recent round of concerns about bus service reductions prompted the Transport Select Committee to ask us to draw up a ‘toolkit’ on consultation. The snappily titled Bus Service Reviews: consulting on changes to local services has just been published. It’s simple stuff really built around four themes: collate, consult, consider and communicate.

Some good examples of how to do it are set out – some of which have resulted in better services for passengers. None of this makes the decisions for councils or bus operators easier but it might help make some better. It is there for you to use – please tell us it if helps.

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