East Midlands Trains and Trent Barton buses show how to ease the pain of rebuilding

05 July 2013

Passengers will welcome the large amounts of investment now going into the railway. However, upgrading and rebuilding is not without its pains. Big projects such as the Reading rebuild have set the benchmark on information, staffing and keeping passengers on trains and avoiding replacement buses where possible.

Nottingham station is being extensively worked on to facilitate the tram extension as well as track layout alterations and re-signalling. Some use of replacement buses seems unavoidable. East Midlands Trains and Trent Barton buses have really co-operated to make this as painless as possible when the disruption really kicks in from 20 July 2013. Really positive that East Midlands Trains have gone a step further – offering ticket price reductions. We have long argued that there should be some discount to reflect the reduced service or use of buses, and it has finally happened. For more information visit the site below:


We will keep a close eye on how the works are progressing and how passengers are affected.

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