Getting a bite to eat…

01 September 2010

Catering on trains remains a slight mystery.

Virgin staff seem to spend hours stocktaking. They open the shop for a bit, then stock up the trolley (doing another stocktake in the process). Then they bring the trolley back (time for another stocktake), open the shop again briefly before shutting and then a final end of journey stocktake. Very satisfying for audit purposes but you cannot help thinking that if they spend more time selling rather than counting the Mars bars it might be better for everyone.

East Coast has really good catering but it so poorly advertised. Since they withdrew the democratic access of us standard class passengers to the restaurant, where you could treat yourself to a superb breakfast, things have chopped and changed. However, I managed to track down a £4.50 fish pie, brought to my seat – delicious. So poorly advertised and seemingly partly dependent on whether there is a chef on the train. Shame because is it really good – shout about it!

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