Now that summer holidays are nearly over and school begins soon, it is time to reflect on our travels. Some set off on unusual journeys to sometimes unusual place, while others go back to familiar places with familiar journeys.

What was good about the journey, what not so good? What surprises people? What delights them? Why did they choose the transport they did?

As bus use declines in many places and we are travelling in different ways, the last question is particularly important. Why is this? Also, a particular challenge when getting to the airport. As more of us fly and as airports are challenged to get more people there by sustainable means this is a very live question. Lots of people choose to drive or use minicabs. An obvious choice in many ways: luggage, have to be there on time.  This maybe the only time in year we do that sort of journey, so the expense is justified.

We all make travel decisions based on a mixture of the four ‘C’s: cost, convenience, choice (or lack of it) and maybe importantly feelings of being in control. If anyone wants to get people to change how they travel they need to look carefully at the four C’s! Back in 2012 we did a piece of work with Go Ahead Group looking at the future of travel. A lot of it is still relevant.

So we will be asking members of our online Transport User Panel about their summer travel experiences and will report back in the autumn.

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