High passenger satisfaction is a powerful advocate for trams

15 June 2017

Our latest Tram Passenger Survey (TPS), launched yesterday, reveal recording breaking satisfaction scores for the six tram networks (Blackpool, Edinburgh, Manchester, Midland Metro, Nottingham and Sheffield). Across many key measures, including punctuality, waiting times, passenger’s experiences waiting at the stop, the six networks received an overall passenger satisfaction score of 93 per cent. Edinburgh Tram has become the ‘bests in class’ with 99 per cent overall satisfaction.

The driving force behind these impressive scores comes from operators putting passenger satisfaction front and centre.

Higher ratings on key measures compared to bus and rail modes: trams offer an opportunity to get people out of their cars. For many using trams on the networks we surveyed, the experience of travelling was highly rated, especially for comfort and personal space.

Delivering tram infrastructure can be expensive, especially in cities, requiring extensive engineering to construct new lines and stops and manage the challenges of crowding and expansion. However, it’s clear that trams deliver an exceptional service. They offer a fast, safe, and efficient service that connects commuters, shoppers, tourists and students with different parts of the city or even its airport.

Our TPS results provide important feedback for the operators to help them pinpoint where they can improve their passengers’ experience. Over time, they can benchmark their actions against passenger satisfaction with this survey.

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