Keighley bus passengers test out no ticketing

12 July 2017

An interesting trial is going on at the Keighley Bus Company Shuttle between Keighley and Bradford. Bluetooth beacons on buses and stops talk to an app which tracks journeys and then charges best value price. Could this mean the end to fumbling about trying to find the right change?

Passengers taking part in the trial will be able to use their smartphone phone as a travel pass. The mobile app calculates the length of route taken and will cap at the best value price over the course of the day or week, and involves no interaction with the ticket machine which will hopefully mean quicker boarding times and hopefully a speedier journey as a result.

The company is owned by Transdev who seem quite innovative in these areas and it is good to see trials developing to help passengers get the best fare for their journey.

Interesting to see how it pans out. You can read more about it here.


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