London Bridge problems

08 January 2015

A very, very frustrating time for passengers as they return to work, pay more for their tickets and then face real delays and crowding at London Bridge.

Taking trains out of the timetable seems a harsh (but presumably simply pragmatic) solution. Let’s hope these teething problems start to sort themselves out quickly.

It seems a shame. The new London Bridge that is emerging is clearly going to be impressive. But what birth pangs!

Add in the problems that the handover from First Capital Connect to Thameslink and Great Northern has caused (driver shortages among other things!) and some commuters into London have been having a torrid time.

2015 must be the year that the industry really starts to handle disruption better. Otherwise passenger trust will start to really erode. While the fieldwork was done last year it will be interesting to see what the next wave of our National Rail Passenger Survey, published later this month, reflects in terms of passenger opinion. We will use that information to push for improvements and change.

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