Magic bus(es)?

15 November 2012

Dropped in to the annual Euro Bus Expo held at the NEC in Birmingham. While the basic bus remains remarkably unchanged (apart from the Boris Bus which looks great on the outside but is a bit gloomy on the inside), there were some interesting things to see.

  • At last a bus with a flat floor, so no more clambering up precipitous steps as the bus whizzes off – well done Alexander Dennis
  • An electric bus from Optare – gloriously simple engine compartment, little maintenance but still a high purchase price at the moment
  • Lots of innovation in information and technology.

I heard a great story from Dublin Coach about how their passengers use (and trust!) the real time information they get from the company app.

Bus stops are empty until, magically, a few minutes before the bus actually arrives passengers materialise.  The information gleaned has enabled the company to realise they have some of the bus stops in the wrong places so have moved them. Now that is what I call passenger focus, and a tantalising glimpse of how information could really drive change for passengers.

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