Motorway services with a difference

03 November 2016

You may have seen our recent research looking at roadside facilities. We are now working with different organisations to get our recommendations implemented and improvements made for all road users.

Taking an interest in what facilities are available to road users is an important task and we have come across different types of facilities on our travels. None more so striking than a colleague’s recent trip to the South West and a stop off at Gloucester Services on the M5. Our research highlighted Gloucester Services as ‘an example of a facility with a distinctive offer’.

Gloucester Services joins Tebay in Cumbria as a different offer for motorists as they travel up and down the country. Run by the Westmorland family as their second motorway service area it certainly offers some different things to the more ‘usual’ facilities around the country.


Road users told us that want to see roadside facilities improved with clearer signage, more green spaces and attractive outdoor areas, comfortable seating, improved Wi-Fi and a greater choice of healthy hot meals.

Gloucester certainly delivers in these areas and the interesting design of the building with its natural roof design, outdoor lake and walking area adding to its appeal. Offering a range of food and a farm shop with lots of locally produced items makes for different choices for people needing a well-deserved break from their driving duties. Plenty of parking for cars, lorries and motorcycles that are well signed help to deliver a stress free stop for all types of vehicles.

It’s good to see an example of different, innovative ways to deliver roadside facilities for users. We are continuing to press for further improvements with Highways England, so that road users have a good choice of high quality provision around the country that meets their needs.

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