New buses for a very diverse population

03 July 2012

Seeing some of National Express’ new buses in Birmingham recently was a very welcome sight.  The buses are bright, have a well-designed interior and look and smell new – a very positive image.  Walking to and from Birmingham Coach Station (formerly known as Digbeth Coach Station) for meetings with National Express takes you through Birmingham’s big markets.  Like some parts of London, it reminds you just how incredibly diverse parts of Britain’s populations have become.  It also makes you realise how the future of public transport has got to be simple to cope with the linguistic and other diversities of the population going ahead and flexible to cope with changes.

A new Passenger Focus report is coming out soon about the future of public transport which underlines some of these points. Keep it simple, keep it flexible, and you might be able to adapt things which will be able to cope with changes in the population in a cost-effective way.

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