Orange tickets – and lots of them!

11 March 2013

Partly as a result of the pressure we have been exerting there are lots of changes in the pipeline this year to rail tickets. More helpful information, less useless information and greater clarity. This should help passengers know what they are buying and what they have bought. Hopefully the days of ‘see restrictions…’ are numbered. Linked to better ticket vending machines this should be a step in the right direction.

This cannot come too soon. When my family headed to the coast at half-term I bought train tickets in advance. When they arrived there were 17 separate tickets! Four tickets out, four back and four reservation tickets to go with each, plus a receipt. Given that you now cannot reserve on South West Trains all the reservation ticket did was tell you which train you were booked on.

My mistake I suppose – will do print at home next time – but cutting down on all this paper will help. Also, are those orange credit card receipt tickets recyclable? They have a magnetic stripe down the back so I am not sure – does anyone know?

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