Oxford bus company – pretty good

06 November 2013

Caught the number 13 from John Radcliffe Hospital into Oxford last week. Overall, pretty good.

Luckily there was real-time information at the bus stop as the service was running about 20 minutes late. Good info at the bus stop with, yes, fares info. So no exact fare needed, but I had my two pounds ready. The bus stop was pretty scruffy – window pane missing and looking a bit worn. Also, there was no overview of services from the hospital, which had four other stops, so I was not sure if there were other options into town. However, a quick chat with fellow passengers revealed this was the only option.

Driver seemed irritable – possibly because he was late. The bus was well turned and the rest of journey smooth. However, the route does go round the houses – literally. So the overall journey time into town was slow.

Overall, I can see why passengers in our survey work rate Oxford Buses highly. It’s an attractive transport choice. Plus, you get a great view of Oxford from the top deck.

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