Rainy day, dream away

29 July 2014

Buses get a lot dirtier when it rains, passengers can’t see out of the windows and discarded newspapers are trodden on with dirty and wet feet. Passengers really notice this and satisfaction drops as a result.

Talking to operators about our Bus Passenger Survey result, although there is slight improvement, passenger satisfaction with the condition of buses (inside and out) is still low and they acknowledge more needs to be done, particularly in big city areas.

We have suggested that operators take a leaf out of the railway’s book – with in-service cleaning teams at strategic locations to get on the vehicles and tidy up the litter on-board. Buses are obviously cleaned before they go out, but it’s during the journey where the problem lies.

Doing something about it – and being seen to – shows passengers that bus companies are responding. It won’t improve the weather, but it will improve the environment on their bus!

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