Signals for a passenger-focused future for our railways

16 March 2016

The body that looks after our railway infrastructure – Network Rail and its predecessors – has had a turbulent history.  And there was speculation that Nicola Shaw’s report could have signalled a more radical change: more privatisation was one solution trailed.

Her report does not go that far, but it does propose a much more devolved future for Network Rail. The Budget also commits to more investment on specific projects. Passengers tell us they want a clear sense of who is in charge. But most of all, they want improved day-to-day reliability. This requires a much more stable and sure-footed running of the railways to ensure the promised infrastructure development is realised.

So it is welcome that Nicola Shaw’s report, published today, provides a strong focus on the passenger by putting them at the heart of the railway.  Let’s hope this signals a calmer and more passenger-focused future for our railways.

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