Stations at the tipping point?

24 October 2011

When does general opinion about something shift? Have we reached that point with rail stations? Over the years there has been steady investment in stations. Big redevelopments like St Pancras, new stations on the Airdrie Bathgate line and lots of lots of small improvements. The Access for All scheme has funded much of this.

Increasing I hear people say that stations are OK, they have really improved and you can get decent food and coffee in most places. Yes, there are still dreadful places to wait, but momentum is slowing gathering. Our National Passenger Survey now has an overall rating for stations as it does for trains. While we know that stations are not one of the key driver of satisfaction, it will be interesting to see how this score shifts.

What is interesting is just how straightforward most passenger needs are. Our recent research on improving Euston listed information during disruption, toilets and cash points! Focus on the basics and passengers will thank you.

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