29 April 2015

First ride ever on the Sheffield Supertram. Took the blue line out from Fitzalan Square to Birley Lane and back. Friday mid-morning, so I admit it probably isn’t the typical journey, but good impressions. Quick, clean and a conductor thrown in!

The three-coach tram seemed spacious with easy access. I had not realised how extensive the network is, nor how hilly. The infrastructure is impressive – looks well built even though there’s quite a lot of rail replacement going on at present – leading to replacement buses. The tram swooped up and down. Good number of passengers on board.

Price? £4.50 for an all day all buses and trams ticket. Seems like reasonable value for money. Our latest Tram Passenger Survey, published last month, found that 70 per cent of fare-paying Supertram passengers were satisfied with value for money.

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