Take a break: just where do you park a HGV?

26 April 2016

I had a recent, graphic reminder of the facilities (or lack of them) that heavy goods vehicle (HGV) drivers have to use as the law requires them, quite properly, to take breaks.

There is a big area just off the A22 southbound in the Surrey hills which is used by HGVs to park. We represent users of the Strategic Road Network (SRN) and although the A22 isn’t a part of SRN, what I saw was not uncommon across the road network.

Drivers resting, taking breaks and many with curtains closed taking a nap. No toilets, a burger van sometimes and no security – all a bit bleak. We are researching at the moment what car and truck drivers think of the SRN rest facilities available to them. We will publish the results in the summer. Tiredness is a key factor in unsafe driving.

HGV drivers deserve better than this – the country literally relies on them.

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