That’s the way to do complaints!

29 August 2014

A friend of mine missed her train back up to London as the branch line service from Falmouth was late – the London train was not held. Very frustrating as that meant the next London train was heaving.

First Great Western (FGW) answered her complaint in a great way:
“Thank you for your email of 19 July 2014 and for supplying further information for your case a requested by my colleague. I was sorry to hear of the delay you experienced whilst travelling with us on 1 June 2014 and for the impact this delay had on your work plans.
“As we delayed you by over an hour you are due £32.50 in compensation which will be in the form of Rail Travel Vouchers. I will also be issuing you with a further £32.50 in Vouchers as a gesture of goodwill by way of a more tangible apology for the difficulties faced. These vouchers will be sent to the postal address that you have already provided.
“Thank you again for contacting us and I trust you’ll receive the vouchers in due course.”

Nice. My friend now feels much more positive about FGW again.

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