The right sort of snow?

21 January 2013

The Monday morning rush hour is a good test of any system, especially when a bit of snow is sprinkled into the mix.

Couldn’t get on the tube as, I suspect, many people coming in slighter later or coming off delayed trains at Balham.  So, I worked my way back to the surface to take the train up to Victoria. Clearly lots of delays, with services coming back out particularly disrupted. This included, oddly, the services from Victoria to London Bridge which you might have thought were a bit more immune.

The information wasn’t bad and there were fairly constant updates over the public address system. No problems getting on the train which had sat, ominously straddling points, in sight outside of Balham station for five minutes. Some train companies have thinned out services which seems sensible, although we have had reports of crowding closer into the bigger cities and some people have had to wait to get on a train in the first place.

So not too bad? How was it for you?

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