To Donny and beyond…

30 May 2013

How have I managed it? All my life I have never been to Doncaster. So last week provided a good excuse to go and see the bus replacement service that has been put in place following the massive landslip between Doncaster and the coast. This has cut the direct route from Doncaster to Scunthorpe and Grimsby.

The bus replacement has been set up (as with all bus replacements that run from Doncaster) on the far side of the adjacent bus station. So when you come out of the station you have to go through the tiny exit towards the shopping centre and the bus station beneath it. You negotiate the first zebra crossing – many buses going in and out. You then work your way down the island shelter – another crossing and you finally reach the start point. It’s reasonably well signed, but it is still an awfully long way!

The design of the bus station is interesting. Well lit, clean and staffed inside but dark, noisy and fume-ridden when you emerge at one of the bays to actually get on the bus. Lots of First Transpennine Express and Northern staff at the bay, as well as those working for the bus supplier First Rail Support, and seemingly good communication with what feels like – well, is – the distant railway station. Main problem seems to be helping passengers who need assistance.

Seems odd the bus replacements cannot start from outside the station, where presumably most passengers will come off a train or turn up expecting to catch one.

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