Transport Focus is live!

30 March 2015

Our name has changed but our passenger work continues alongside our growing work representing the users of the motorways and major A roads (the ‘Strategic Road Network’) in England. Take a look at our workplan for next year.

We are building a road user team which will be headed up by Guy Dangerfield. Guy has extensive experience with us working on, among other things, information during disruption, five-year industry spending plans and extreme weather. So he is well placed to make a difference for road users. We have published our first piece of road user research. Interesting stuff, but safety is obviously paramount. How road works are communicated and dealt will feature large in our work this year.

Have a look at our new-look website, read our first Road User Voice e-newsletter and sign up if you want to keep up to date with progress. Interesting and exciting times, but I am determined we will remain very passenger and road user focused. Also follow me on my new Transport Focus Twitter account: @AnthonySmithTF

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