What’s in your wallet?

07 February 2020

The last time your train was delayed did you claim compensation? Quite a few people tell us they don’t bother for ‘piddling’ amounts.

As part of our Make Delay Pay campaign to improve take-up of passenger compensation, we published new research on passengers’ awareness of compensation. We looked at train operator websites and found lots of them still have long, complex claims processes.

The research shows that many train operators still have complicated and lengthy claims processes. Despite the promise of ‘one-click’ compensation only nine train operators currently offer some kind of automated payout for delays and cancellations.

We tested a few ideas with passengers to see what might encourage them to claim. Lots of them liked the idea of a wallet, where you can add up all those 25ps and withdraw when you get to a nice round number. Other options they liked were being able to swap for a free ticket, or to donate to charity.

The report is here. Check out our ad too – featuring many Transport Focus employees!

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