Yes, I missed the train…

12 July 2012

You know what it is like. You know exactly when you need to leave home for certain journeys. St. Pancras for the 0855 to Sheffield – leave home by 0805 no problems. Only I didn’t – an ill child delayed things. Left at 0810 and the Northern Line was playing up, so I missed the train. £105 for new single ticket – ouch. East Midlands Trains’ ticket machines were all out of order, so huge queues at ticket office before finally being directed to First Capital Connect ticket machines. No credit for £21 paid for the Advance ticket.

My fault? You the jury decide. Yes-ish, but that’s a huge penalty to pay for being two minutes late. We have just published our response to the Government consultation on fares and ticketing reform – one of the things that could be quickly done is to allow passengers credit for amounts already paid – see our website for the full response.

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