Before the Coronavirus pandemic, Transport Focus consulted almost 50,000 passengers a year to produce the Bus Passenger Survey.  This measured passengers’ satisfaction with their local bus service for a representative sample of journeys. The latest set of results, from a survey conducted in autumn 2019, were published in March 2020.

Passengers rated their satisfaction with a wide range of aspects of their bus journey including the bus stop, waiting for the bus, on the bus, the outside of the bus and the bus driver as well as their overall satisfaction with that bus journey and their rating of value for money.

Due to the pandemic and a significant drop in the numbers of people using public transport, BPS has been paused. Transport Focus continues to speak to thousands of passengers and former passengers to get a picture of future travel plans, feelings about travel and experiences of travel. This is reported weekly – please see our Coronavirus insight page.

Meanwhile work is underway to develop an innovative way to measure passenger satisfaction once lockdown is eased and people start to return to transport.