Action on timetables: Network Rail ordered to improve

27 July 2018

Today the regulator issued an action plan for Network Rail to resolve serious issues with its timetable planning, flagged up by Transport Focus in 2017.

Director David Sidebottom said:

“Passengers want timetables finalised in good time – 12 weeks is the standard – so they can plan their trips with confidence and get the best-value Advance tickets. They then want the trains to run reliably. That simply hasn’t been happening on parts of the railway. Our research shows just how much of an impact both of these have had on passengers.

“Ahead of conclusions from the wider Glaister Inquiry into the recent timetable crisis, passengers will welcome focus on successful delivery of the December 2018 timetable and on getting back as soon as possible to publishing accurate information 12 weeks in advance.”

Back in December, Transport Focus highlighted problems the rail industry was having publishing accurate timetables 12 weeks in advance. We continue to press train operators and Network Rail to resolve this. We are particularly concerned about late timetable changes going into information systems on Friday nights when they affect travel the following day – passengers rely on the railway at the weekend too.

Meanwhile the regulator was asked to hold an inquiry into the recent chaos caused by a flawed timetable change on 20 May. We have sent a response on behalf of passengers, outlining the enormous impact it has had on people’s lives.

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