Passenger Voice August 2016: Southern Rail timetable change

29 July 2016

How is Southern Rail’s temporary timetable impacting you?

Transport Focus has launched a new travel diary app to help passengers tell us about their experiences of Southern services during the current disruption caused by the temporary timetable.

We are monitoring how well the new timetable works, how well passengers are being kept informed about the changes, and are asking passengers to let us know directly how they have been impacted.

Passengers whose usual train journey has been disrupted by this temporary timetable and would like to feed back their experiences, can do so by downloading the app and completing a short two-minute diary for every journey they make.

Transport Focus want to give industry and Government the human side of the problem. We want your stories and travel diaries, to share how even a few minutes of delay can impact your life. We are looking for Southern passengers, and those on the wider Thameslink route to take part and tell us their views.

Click here to download the app. Our website is regularly being updated with passenger stories, click here to read more.

Passengers can also tell us about their experiences on Twitter using #passengervoice.

We are continuing to call on Southern to offer discounted tickets and increased compensation for passengers facing daily inconvenience. This should be offered proactively, without making passengers jump through hoops.

Click here to read a step-by-step guide on how to claim for delays and cancellations on Southern.

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