Passenger Voice July 2016: How was it for you?

29 June 2016

We strive to give all transport users as powerful a voice as those that provide transport services.

We produce the world’s largest published rail satisfaction survey (NRPS), published twice a year. But in today’s ‘always on’ society passengers, keen to make their voices heard, often use social media and other live channels for feedback to train operators ‘in the moment’. We have tapped into this feedback and devised a way of ‘taking the temperature’ between the waves of the main NRPS survey.

Going beyond satisfaction, we asked passengers how they feel during their journeys. This report covers a four-month pilot run with commuters affected by the disruption linked to London Bridge and the Thameslink programme.

Our three key recommendations are:

  • be open about delivery and the problems and the duration of any problems to help set revised expectations
  • make some offer that shows passenger they haven’t been forgotten and that acknowledges problems experienced – perhaps the Government’s quick implementation of its welcome promise to cut the threshold for Delay Repay to 15 minutes from the current 30
  • make sure there are less ‘really bad’ days – improve recovery when things start to go wrong.

Read more and download the report here.

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