Passenger Voice May 2016: Govia Thameslink Railway ticket offices consultation

22 April 2016

Passengers have had their say – Transport Focus has decided to oppose Govia Thameslink Railway’s (GTR) plans for ticket office staffing.

GTR proposed changes to how ticket offices will be staffed at over 80 of its Great Northern, Thameslink and Southern stations. GTR is proposing to change ticket office opening hours at 45 ticket offices and to make amendments to the operation of the ticket offices at a further 39 station ticket offices.

Transport Focus has received a strong public response, over 8000, to the consultation and would like to thank all who submitted responses.

Transport Focus had a number of concerns about the ticket office proposals. In particular we were left wondering whether passengers would still able to buy every possible product from station host that they could from the ticket office previously. Alongside this we wanted to know how this would impact on queues at stations and whether the role of staff would be protected at stations in the future.

We have now asked GTR to look into the issues that the considerable public response raised. GTR is reviewing its original plans with these issues in mind. We look forward to working with the operator to make sure that passengers do not lose any key services.

The next step in the process will be for GTR to formally respond to our concerns, and those of London TravelWatch, and then to share their revised plans. We look forward to its response and to working with them in delivering a good result for passengers.

You can find our official response to GTR’s proposals here.

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