Rail fares increase for 2018

05 December 2017

Meet passengers’ basic needs, and use a fairer fares formula, is the message from independent watchdog Transport Focus.

Chief executive Anthony Smith said:

“A chill wind will blow down England’s platforms in January as rail fare increases bite. Many passengers face stagnant or falling incomes while rail fares continue to climb. It is time that the fairer, clearer Consumer Prices Index formula is used as the basis for rail fare rises rather than the increasingly outmoded Retail Price Index.

“While substantial, welcome investment in new trains and improved track and signals is continuing, passengers are still seeing the basic promises made by the rail industry broken on too many days. Passengers’ immediate priorities are clear: a more reliable railway, better handling of disruption and better value for money.”

Improving value for money is about more than ticket prices, although passengers would certainly welcome a price freeze. We know value also covers the basic delivery of the industry’s promises about the timetable, length of trains and information during delays. Making sure passengers are confident they have bought the best value ticket for their journey is becoming increasingly important as split ticketing erodes trust and reform of the fares structure is still some way off.

As regulated fares rise by 3.6 per cent on average we can now see how individual fares will be affected. Tables of example fares are available here.


Media contact: Sara Nelson, head of communications, on 0300 123 0820 or sara.nelson@transportfocus.org.uk.

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