Transport User Voice – April 2022 – What do passengers want?

28 March 2022

Transforming rail travel

What do passengers want from the trains they travel on? It’s the question that we’ve been asking since we started our work as a rail passenger watchdog.

We recently pulled together everything we know about the subject from extensive research. This is from speaking to thousands of passengers each year as part of large-scale ‘tracker’ surveys and smaller bespoke insight reports.

This compendium brings together all our insight for a comprehensive view of what rail passengers want.

As we move towards the new Great British Railways set-up, and a more joined-up and passenger-focussed railway, we identified key themes to consider:

  • focussing on the basics and getting them right – a punctual, reliable, affordable railway
  • building and growing passenger confidence
  • reflect how we live, travel and work now through flexibility and netter information
  • looking at what stops people from travelling by train, and reducing these barriers
  • simpler and more flexible ticketing offering better value for money.

All in all a dependable, affordable and consistent railway.

Accessibility is also a consistent theme.

The passenger voice is key. We encourage operators to engage passengers in decisions that matter to them.

As we add to our store of knowledge, we’ll keep updating this document, which you can find here. Watch this space!


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